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Make your compliance an asset for the growth of your business.  

For who ?

The provisions of the RGPD do not apply only to the relationships that companies have with customers or prospects: they also apply to the HR processing of data concerning their employees, for example.

Assistance with compliance to the RGPD

The compliance offer is the logical continuation of the diagnostic phase. A dedicated lawyer within LEXYMORE actively collaborates with a designated pilot within your team to help you to reduce the legal risk associated with the RGPD regulations and to secure your data processing. Constantly informed of ongoing projects by a dedicated email address, he can react very early on any concern related to data processing.

Sanctions for non compliance to the RGPD

The first sanction is commercial: public or private companies that can not justify their compliance with the RGPD will be denied contracts that will be awarded to competitors "compatible RGPD".  With the RGPD, the majority of companies no longer have reporting obligations with the CNIL. But in case of control, the penalties have been considerably increased.

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