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Because entrepreneurs, creators of young shoots or founding partners in search for financing, have specific needs, we wanted to make them benefit from our experience acquired in the past years, offering them a packaged and adapted offer: the LEXYBOX.

The LEXYBOX is according to the stage of development of your company:

  • creation
  • consolidation
  • fundraising






Choice of the legal form

Drafting of the deed of incorporation(1)

Constitution and formalities(2)

Choice of tax regime


Choice of geographical location


Sharholders' agreement



Tax and social reliefs



Young innovative company regime

(Jeune entreprise innovante -JEI)




890 €

1 490 €

1 990 €

(1) SARL or SAS with cash contribution only

(2) incluing the various legal formalities (greffe, CFE, legal advertising...) until obtaining the K-bis extract

NB : Our prices don't include the fees and disbursments engaged on behalf of our clients (greffe fees, fees for legal advertising, ...)



Shareholders' agreement

Protection of the know-how of the company (patent, ...)

Non disclosure agreeements

Protection of the marketing elements (trademark, ...)

Ensure the deployments of the website (Term of services, Term of sales)

Benefit from the tax regimes for innocation (tax relief for research, JEI, patent, ...)


according to estimate




Ingeneering and definition of the financial terms (capital increase, premium, issuance of convertible bonds, ...)

Definition of the rights of the project's holders

Drafting and negociation of the memorandum of understanding

Drafting of the whole legal documentation

Shareholders' agreement


according to estimate 


Our aim, through the LEXYBOX, is to facilitate the access of innovative companies and in particular the digital economy players to the main legal tools necessary for their decision-making and the conduct of their project.

  • Business attorneys, partners of business leaders and their companies


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