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Wine production

A key activity

Our firm’s experience in this area and our relationships with industry producers, partners and representatives have helped us build leading expertise and extensive field knowledge and problems in this sector. We can assist our clients in every step of their development.

Transactions of wine-producing estates

  • Determining the most appropriate legal and tax framework for acquisition
  • Tax optimisation during sale
  • Legal restructuring of properties before transfer or bringing in new shareholders

Passing property to the next generation

  • Legal structure
  • Respecting family balances
  • Removing tax barriers

Operational management

  • Drafting contracts specific to the wine industry
  • Tax management specific to the wine industry
  • Managing VAT for exports
  • Customs duties for imports
  • Optimising property taxes / taxes on wineries / storage warehouses / bottling


  • Disputes in any part of the production, manufacturing and distribution chain (bottling, plant protection products, casks and barrels, caps and corks, labelling, contracts with warehouses, terminating contracts with sales agents, international disputes, etc.)
  • Managing damages, pollution, plant incidents, product security
  • Litigation specific to wine brands, validity and counterfeiting
  • Disputes in competition, commercial free-riding, harm to reputation
  • Disputes in concluding, executing, renewing and ending vineyard leases, pre-empting, assessing and fixing land rents, applying and converting crop share agreements.
  • Disputes involving farmland groups and farming corporations
  • Family and inheritance disputes

Partner in charge : Christine JAIS

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