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New technologies - Digital industry

Law at the service of innovation

New technologies and the digital revolution have created a favourable environment for new practices such as “big data” and the spread of online shopping.

We have exchanged ideas with investors and entrepreneurs in the digital economy over the past years. Our practice offers innovative legal and tax strategies adapted to changes happening now. We are convinced that knowledge of the law is as essential to innovative companies’ growth as marketing and finance.

Our expertise regularly leads us to work with companies that develop new uses and breakthrough innovations.

  • Fundraising, financing (investment protocols, shareholder agreements, issuing composite securities, negotiating management packages)
  • Partnership contracts (consortia/temporary business and technological development associations)
  • Implementing IT projects
  • E-commerce regulations
  • Transferring technology and/or skills
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Evaluating, transferring and acquiring e-commerce assets
  • Legal protection for intangible property
  • Optimising tax credits for research and video games
  • Managing international innovation tax issues
  • Setting up Young Innovative Businesses (JEI) / Young University Businesses (JEU)





Partner in charge : Ronan LE MOIGNE

  • Business attorneys, partners of business leaders and their companies


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