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Dedicated departments

  • New technologies - Digital industry

    Law at the service of innovation

    New technologies and the digital revolution have created a favourable environment for new practices such as “big data” and the spread of online shopping.

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  • Wine production

    A key activity

    Our firm’s experience in this area and our relationships with industry producers, partners and representatives have helped us build leading expertise and extensive field knowledge and problems in this sector. We can assist our clients in every step of their development.

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  • Aeronautics

    Lexymore Aerospace

    From cockpit design to sub-assembly for major aircraft manufacturers via training to maintenance, our clients work at all stages of aircraft production. Lexymore assists them in securing and optimising their operations, helping them in negotiations and saving them time and money. 

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  • Industry

    Assist and secure innovation and industrial development for SMBs

    Lexymore advises and defends companies in many leading industries (agribusiness, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and health, construction, textiles, automotive, mechanics and metallurgy, electrics and electronics).

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