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Litigation - Arbitration

Litigation Arbitration

Assist and advise companies in defending their rights

Lexymore both advises and practices law, and looks to pre-empt delicate issues and defuse crisis situations. Lexymore helps companies in their defence strategies throughout procedures and in implementing judgements.

Each dispute requires an appropriate solution.

We offer precise evaluations of each situation’s strengths and weaknesses and work hand-in-hand with clients to develop an appropriate defence strategy.

Lexymore is experienced in all areas of business law and assists business in resolving disputes that inevitably comes up in the course of their activities.

Litigations in corporate law 

  • Disputes between shareholders/associates
  • Directors’ liability
  • Groups of companies
  • Undue use of majority/minority powers
  • Post-acquisition disputes (conflictual implementation of warranties agreements guarantees, negotiation breakdowns)


  • Implementing preventive measures (ad hoc mandates, conciliation)
  • Administration orders
  • Receivership and bankruptcy proceeding
  • Winding-up proceeding before Courts
  • Protecting directors’ collateral
  • Preserving creditors’ rights

Distribution and commercial contract litigation

  • Defending distribution networks' stakeholders during negotiation, execution or termination of contracts (licensors/licensees, franchisors/franchisees, sales agents and those with mandates, subagents, exclusive distribution, selective distribution)
  • Breakdown of negotiations
  • Breakdown of established business relationships
  • Unfair and prejudicial competition (poaching customers, counterfeiting products or expertise, defamation)
  • Discriminatory practices
  • Liability for industrial, manufacturing or hidden defects, non-conformities
  • Laws regarding sales (supplier disputes, terms and conditions)
  • Contractual and criminal liability
  • Payments
  • Disputes in negotiating, executing or terminating commercial leases (rent, evaluating eviction indemnities, termination or refusal to renew, renovations or repairs, collecting rent)
  • Disputes in lease management contracts for business properties
  • Disputes regarding sale of business properties and sale of leasehold rights

Litigation in real estate and construction law

  • Business liabilities in negotiation, execution or termination of private construction agreements
  • Managing litigation in construction projects (subcontracting, delivery of construction, damages, non-conformities, constructors’ liabilities, expertise, additional construction work)
  • Litigation specific to construction of individual homes (defending building companies)
  • Construction insurance
  • Litigation in sale of properties
  • Estate agents
  • Disputes in joint ownership

Litigation in wine production

  • Disputes in concluding, executing, renewing and ending vineyard leases, fixing land rents
  • Litigation in wine brands
  • Family and inheritance disputes
  • Disputes involving farmland groups and farming corporations
  • Disputes arising in any part of the production, manufacturing and distribution chain (bottling, plant protection products, casks and barrels, caps and corks, labelling, contracts with warehouse keepers, etc.)

Intellectual and industrial property litigation

  • Branding disputes: validity, contesting trademarks, appealing trademark decisions, counterfeiting, co-existence, cancelling trademarks
  • Patent disputes: validity, counterfeiting, employee invention litigation, patent claims
  • Preventing and resolving copyright litigation, music and audio-visual copyright disputes
  • Litigation specific to new technologies: Internet, domain names, hypertext links
  • Disputes in designs and models: validity, counterfeiting, copyright transfers


With our clients’ permission, Lexymore studies all avenues for resolving disputes within the law.

The firm has experience in mediation, direct negotiation, and resolving disputes out of court, offering alternatives before litigation and at any point during the dispute.

  • Business attorneys, partners of business leaders and their companies


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