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Assist and secure innovation and industrial development for SMBs

Lexymore advises and defends companies in many leading industries (agribusiness, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and health, construction, textiles, automotive, mechanics and metallurgy, electrics and electronics).

Innovation, invention, creation, manufacturing, sales, globalisation, competition: our clients are in constant study and motion. Lexymore assists them at every step of their industrial development :

  • Legal and fiscal assistance in international development
  • Fundraising and financing operations
  • Negotiating machine tool acquisition
  • Industrial development contracts
  • Advice and help in defending industrial property
  • Competition
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Subcontracting agreements
  • Cooperation contracts
  • Product liability
  • Industrial disputes
  • Optimising taxes for factories and warehouses
  • Employment and competitiveness tax credits (CICE)
  • Optimising research tax credits

Partner in charge : Caroline PRUNIÈRES

  • Business attorneys, partners of business leaders and their companies


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