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New technologies - Intellectual and industrial property

Intellectual and industrial property

Protect and add value to intangible resources

Lexymore advises and drafts documents in the following areas :


  • Software licensing contracts, either built-in or as an ASP
  • IT service contracts (maintenance, hosting, integration, software development)
  • Implementing IT projects (such as an ERP)
  • Managed services
  • Purchasing, transferring and protecting databases

Internet and e-commerce

  • Website terms and conditions
  • Online advertising and shopping
  • Creating and hosting websites, affiliation, partnerships
  • Auditing websites
  • Registering, transferring and protecting domain names
  • Digital marketplaces
  • Online auctions

Literary and artistic copyrights

  • Protecting and enforcing copyright and neighbouring rights
  • Distribution licensing (merchandising, video distribution, derivative rights)
  • Counterfeiting disputes
  • Copyright transfer agreements
  • Protecting and enforcing copyright and neighbouring rights

Industrial property

  • Auditing industrial property portfolios (trademarks, patents, designs and models)
  • Licensing and transferring trademarks, patents and/or designs and models
  • Transferring technology and/or skills, confidentiality agreements
  • Business attorneys, partners of business leaders and their companies


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