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Our fees are calculated based on the scale of the issue at hand, the expertise and know-how of the attorneys assigned to your case, and time spent, based on hourly rates that depend on the experience of those involved, unless there are other criteria decided between the firm and the client.

For advice, if appropriate, we fix a flat-rate fee for the whole project to allow the client to control the budget for a specific case. We also offer retainers that allow our clients to control their spending at all times. These retainers can be progressive and scalable.

For litigation, we bill our fees based on time spent, adjusted where appropriate to take into account the subject matter, the client’s situation, the issue’s difficulty, the amount of the interests involved as well as the experience and specialisation of the attorneys handling the case.


Determining fees based on outcome is illegal under French law. However, with the client’s agreement, we can agree to a base fee, with a supplement equal to a proportion of amounts gained or saved at court.

Our fees do not include incidental expenditures (for example: transportation, administrative fees, bailiffs, translation, etc.). 
At all events, a fee agreement is established before we begin and requires payment of a provisional sum, in accordance with our profession’s rules of conduct.

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