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Our values

Enthusiasm, attentiveness and proximity

We like to build privileged relationships with our clients based on mutual trust. We are committed to listening, making ourselves available, and finding the best solution, even if it’s far from obvious.

We have drawn a list of our main values, and each one plays a leading role in our firm in every situation.

Responsiveness and availability

Our clients are often subject to major constraints in a competitive and unstable economic environment. Business leaders that turn to Lexymore know that they can count on a quick response to their issues and get the information they deserve.

Attention to detail

Our goal is to always offer each of our clients services of optimum quality, in function as well as form. Each person in the firm works to continually improve not only his or her own skills, but also those of the whole team. Listening and understanding others’ expectations is essential to offering the best advice.


Human relations

In our hiring processes as well as in our everyday work, we place great importance on the human qualities of each person. Our goal is to leverage all of our skills so that the client-lawyer relationship is win-win; honesty, loyalty, integrity, fairness, listening to others, mutual respect and the ability to regularly question oneself are vital values for each person in the firm. For every technical skill, each attorney has a personal quality that we feel is equally important: sense of responsibility, spirit of initiative, adaptability, and team spirit.


Above all we seek answers that are appropriate to your needs. If we aren’t specialists in your issue, we will let you know. Also, if we can avoid costly procedures through negotiation or arbitration, we will. Finally, in accordance with our profession’s rules of conduct, the lawyer-client privilege is there to protect you and ensure the confidentiality of our exchanges and your decisions.

  • Business attorneys, partners of business leaders and their companies


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