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We offer a new approach to law, with investment and growth factor as the focus. LEXYMORE is original in its cross-disciplinary organisation.

Rather like our always-on-the-move clients, we are looking to combine our skills and resources in order to provide the most suitable response to the needs of companies.

Our entrepreneur clients work in a world undergoing a radical transformation. They need to seize opportunities, keeping one eye on the way the world is moving and another on their own business. Our role is to provide them with clear-cut responses that ensure their projects come to fruition Caroline Prunières

With this combination of talents from all the members of  the team along with capitalised knowledge, we offer genuine value-added in all areas of business law.

There could not be a relationship of trust without client satisfaction, and so this satisfaction is both our daily preoccupation and our constant goal. Tristan Le Scouëzec

LEXYMORE is international in outlook and supports clients both in France and abroad. Our international business is a significant part of our activity.

  • Business attorneys, partners of business leaders and their companies


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